Tax Exemptions for Texas Horse Properties

Many people I help in my Horse Properties business ask about how they can save on taxes. There are several ways. One is via an Agricultural Exemption. This can be accomplished in many different ways like hay production, cattle, sheep or goats or sometimes raising horses. Many people decide over time to switch from a Agricultural Exemption to a Wildlife Exemption because of reasons like the You Tube video below shows.

Why an Ag Exemption Might Not Be The Best One

Wildlife belongs to the State of Texas so if a deer runs in front of a car, you are not liable. If your cattle get out, you could be liable for property damage or injury. When bulls spot a heifer or cow on the other side of the fence they just might tear the fence down! You may also run across a property in a Conservation Easement. This is another way to save on taxes. Of course, I am not an attorney nor a CPA, so be sure to speak to an attorney or CPA about any tax or liability issues. It’s always best to check with an attorney or a CPA before making these decisions. Your county tax office can also be of help.

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